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Coffee Time USA!

Coffee Time USA allows friends, parents, and freelancers to discover and enjoy the best coffee shops locally. It gives easily the ability to find nearby cafés, see how other people rate them based on coffee quality, snacks, lunch, service, price and environment. Check out the personalized recommendations and use Coffee Time USA to find nearest

Project 6 Pack – Paleo Diet Plan – 60 recipes

Paleo diet is popularly known as the World’s No. 1 diet plan. Our amazing “Project 6 Pack Paleo diet planner” App will help you with the process. Paleo diet is sometimes also referred to as: “Caveman diet”, “Stone age diet” or the “hunter – gatherer diet”. This Paleo Diet App gives a complete breakdown of

Freckl – Trade Your Lunch

Trade your food with your friends at school! With Freckl you can post the items you want to trade, and look through your classmates’ goodies. If you see something you want, simply send a trade offer to that person. Everyone has the option to “Accept” or “Deny” the trade, so you have complete control of