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Are you thinking about or do you invested in crypto currencies? Then this app is perfect for you to monitor what is happening live on the market. With the ever growing community, CryptoWatch is providing more every update: – Search for all cryptocurrencies and tokens, and watch only the ones you’re interested in. – Add

Currency Converter – Live Money Exchange Rates CC

currency calculator app use currency live Rates. Foreign exchange rates compiled from leading market data contributors. Get real-time currency conversions. Calculate how much you could be saving by using Currency Exchange with our currency converter. Our currency converter calculator will convert your money based on current values from around the world. Free currency converter app. Currency calculator Live rates for converting more

Daily Sales Record

The best app for your business is the one which saves your time & money without any technical knowledge. Simple way to Track Unlimited Sales, Profit, Stock, Generate Invoice, CRM, POS & much more for FREE. Smartly designed for small-business owners and entrepreneurs. This is the most effective way to track all of your daily

Budget Calculator / Organizer

Simple yet Powerful Budget Calculator App! The simplest mobile app to keep a track on your income / expenses / savings! Budget Calculator organizes everything on monthly basis to make it simple to view the results for you! The data can be entered daily / weekly / monthly. Budget calculator can be your personal planner

50/50 Report

Do you want to track your event expenses directly from you device? Do you want to create an event with your friends, colleagues at work or university but you don’t know how to share the expenses of this event with them? If your answer is Yes, then 50/50 Report is just the perfect app for

mExpense – Finance & Budgeting

Money management has never been easier! With the mExpense app, you can track all your cash flows, whether it is your savings you are worried about, or your expenses. It has been designed in a simple and user friendly way to allow easy tracking of all your money. This app allows you to full take

Currency Converter – Money Exchange Rates

Currency Converter – Money Exchange Rates is one of the best and most powerful app to convert any country’s currency to your desired country’s currency. It supports real time conversion rates updated by every minutes. Using this app you can easily Compare Rates of your Country’s Currency to all other Currencies. It Supports more than

iCash Manager

iCash Manager is a finance tracker that will keep track of all of your bank accounts ,Lone accounts , credit cards and Hands-on cash in one place. You will no longer have to deal with multiple apps to keep track of your accounts at the bank, and each of your different credit cards , bank

Spiking – Verified Social Trading

Trading in Stock Markets require a lot of analyzation of data and facts but do you face problems identifying about the facts and rumors? Then “Spiking” is what you require. The app is perfect that clearly gives you verified data which you can use as a basis to trade among your friends and in Stock

Fox Signals

Trade it for yourself and earn profits by investing with the best binary signals from expert traders. “Fox Binary Signals” generates around 85% profitable signals from the top traders to guarantee the safe trading. They analyses major currency pairs for a possible reversal of the price. Trading is now a lot easier with “Fox Binary