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The general knowledge quiz app that tests both knowledge and speed. Trivia Link is the app where players answer questions through a variety of categories, by swiping the correct answer options to each other. Each question has 10 seconds to be answered. The more questions the player answers, the higher the level is achieved, resulting

World Flags Quiz: Guess and Learn National Flags

How well do you know the flags of countries all over the world? Are you ready for an exciting logo quiz game to challenge your general knowledge about world flags and learn more about the flags of the world? If the answer is yes, simply download this trivia quiz game for free and start guessing

Words to Emojis – Fun Emoji Guessing Quiz Game

One of the most entertaining & challenging emoji games of the year. See the word, words or sentence and use the appropriate emojis from the list of emojis. Find the emojis that suit the sentence and try reach the high score. There will be smileys ? sad faces ? and even crying of laughing?. The

Kisum – Free Music Quiz Game

Do you want to test your music knowledge in a very fun way? Do you want to get a free quiz game about music? If your answer is yes, then Kisum – Free Music Quiz Game is just the perfect game for you right now! Test your music knowledge with this guessing game! You will

Image Mania Quiz

This is Image Mania. The game will show you different images of movies, celebs, song names, music artists and other stuff in different categories. Your goal is to guess the words hidden behind the image. If it is hard for you to guess any of the items, just use one of the hint buttons in

English Language Learning Game

English Language learning game for you to improve your language skills by playing exciting game. It will help you to improve your grammar and vocabulary knowledge. In this game: – 4 categories: Elementary, İntermediate, Advanced and Idioms – Rating system – In game help options – Integration with Facebook to see your friends’ scores Download

Math Game

Educational math game for your “kids and a perfect math workout for you to improve math and calculation skills. In this game: – 3 Levels – Rating system – In game help options – Integration with Facebook to see your friends’ scores Download Math Game for Free:    

Myth or Fact

Is it a Myth or is it a Fact? Test your knowledge! Myth or Fact is a very easy to play trivia game and is surprisingly addictive. This is a game where you have to answer whether the statement is a myth or a fact. You’d be surprised at the amount of things that people