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Dungeon Thieves

Do you enjoy playing a dungeon escape game? If you do, try our newest and coolest strategy game yet: Dungeon Thieves! Dungeon Thieves is an online strategy game that is based on Quoridor, a classic board game where you have to move your pawn across the board while trying to block your opponent’s movement. Show

Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes is a classic, strategic game played by connecting dots and forming more boxes than your opponent. Test your skills against players online and become a Dots and Boxes Pro!         Download Dots and Boxes on Android:     Download Dots and Boxes on iOS:    


In this game, you have to fill blank dots with coloured dots. focus on lines moving around the circle and target hollow dot above it. Never hit a coloured dot , game will end in this case. Colour is different in different levels and there are surprising twists in coming levels when you go on

Bell Hopper

Welcome to Bell Hopper! You play as the bell hop in a hotel filled with monsters. You have to tap a floor to make a bell hopper on that floor jump in this game, but make sure you don’t jump onto a monster! Timing is key. Control either 3 or 5 bell hops. There is

SWAT Forces Vs Zombies

Are you ready to play the most adventurous battle game between SWAT Forces and Zombies? It is about Revenge against the powerful zombies! This is a fight till the death against the zombies who are a threat to mankind. Zombies have destroyed everything that existed. Get ready to fight with SWAT forces against the cruel


MC game is a focus and fun game for all ages. The goal for the users are to shoot arrows on circle without touching the attached pins. It has 1200 fun challenging levels. If you are stuck on any level you can skip the level by buying new levels. To make more coins you can

Innotoria Tower Defense

Build, defend and annihilate legion of enemies in this new indie tower defense game. Unlock new heroes, pets, towers and talents on your journey to defending the Kingdom against new and upcoming threats. Innotoria TD is an open field style tower defense game featuring: * 16+ Different Units – Build and guard against waves of

Defense of Egypt

Colorful graphics, exciting plot, interesting gameplay! Build powerful weapons, plan protection strategies. Great battles with a huge number of units on every level. Many tactics, different levels of difficulty of passing. Unique system of improvement of guns and spells. Epic Battle of Egypt and Rome will not leave you indifferent. Thin calculation, quick response and

Spartan : Warrior Adventure

Spartan, Here continues the adventure of a little Warrior. Without wasting a minute , Spartan decided to run and fly in dangerous worlds . The forest is full of danger, thus be careful! SPARTAN: WARRIOR Adventure is elie shane lost in dangerous worlds .ellie shane gonna try to find his way out and gather the

Pizza Tank

Pizza Tank is a very attractive splash and very interesting match-three casual game in the google play! The goal of the game is the aline three (or more) similar pizzas vertically or horizontally to make it disappear and add the number of pizzas to your score.   How to play: 1. Match three or more