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Urban Truck Simulator | Experience Himalayan Roads

Urban Truck Simulator gives a chance to experience you to get the thrill of driving as a trucker. In this game world features numerous landmark and precisely recreated. Features: – Realistic trucks – Various camera angles – Drive across hill roads. – Easy Control – Detailed interior and exterior of truck – Different assignments –

Neural Network Number

This game is based on the Artificial neural networks (ANNs). These are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute brains. The system learns and improve progressively his performance to do tasks by using examples. They have been used for different tasks, like machine translation, medical diagnosis, speech and image recognition, computer vision,

Cow Pig Run

Experience an amazing arcade adventure of 2018 with Cow Pig Run! Cow Pig run is the most addictive running game ever! Do you like taking on the hardest games ever to constantly push your skills to the edge? If your answer is yes, then Cow Pig Run is just the perfect game for you right

Speedy Master Racing

Speedy Master Racing is the best speed racing and driving game ever! Our advanced realistic physics engine will let you get the feeling of what it takes to drive around with an awesome speed auto racing car. So if you ever wanted to try a car racing game with a twist then download Speedy Master

30 Minutes Challenge

Start playing 30 Minutes Challenge today – Another classic game launch on Android Market. With only 30 levels, this puzzle adventure game is one of the most challenging mobile games of all time! How to play: 1. Bust cluster of 3 or more balls of same color in 60 seconds to progress to the next

Peppa .Pig vs Zombies

Download Peppa Pig vs Zombies for FREE and play the most addictive mobile game ever created! Peppa Pig vs Zombies is the remake of the classic hill climb game. Your objective is to guide the Pepa Pig to pass the obstacles and zombies and score the highest possible score. This is an endless driving adventure


Welcome to the best fantasy Xwolf game. Enjoy the most powerful wolf action game, fighting against the alien beings from outer space with diverse magical skills and supernatural power such as missile, bullets, laser, summon and heal. You can raise your own wolf warrior in open world with space background. Also, you are enough to

Save The Ball

Simple but interesting game where you have to save the ball from hitting any obstacles or spikes. Collect as many coins as you can and challenge your friends with your high score.         Download Save The Ball for Free:    

Painlevels: thrill tilt ball game of challenge

Painlevels is a fun and entertaining casual tilt ball game for anyone that wants a new addiction! Tap to move carefully and bring the black ball to the goal. Tilt your phone and have fun challenging yourself! 🏁 GET THE BALL TO THE FINISH LINE If you like playing casual free games on your android

Match 3: Juicy Donuts!

🍩 Your classic Match Three games with a delicious touch! 🍩 Get ready donuts fans! It is the best and sweetest match three game for you! Be a master on match three while having so much fun doing it! Match Three: Juicy Donuts Feature: ♥ Over 100+ Challenging Level! It’s not that easy! ♥ Over