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Big Easy Ryde

Big Easy Ryde is the environmental friendly social network transportation app. It allows you to post information about upcoming events and share rydes with friends, family or colleagues to those events. Create new relationship or rekindle old ones. When you share rydes in the Big Easy Ryde you have options. Enjoy life in the Big

Ring My Stylist

Ring My Stylist is a native mobile application that connects stylists with their clientele. Designed for independent and salon stylists alike, Ring My Stylist is the first app completely suited to manage every aspect of your business, including your client base, schedule, appointments, and even your payments! How much does it cost? – For Clients

Polarized Sunglasses Test

Polarized Sunglasses Lens Test App is the best option to test your sunglasses lens. Polarized Sunglasses Lens Test will show you how to tell if your sunglasses are polarized the easy way. Using this app, you can find out very fast if your sunglasses lenses are polarized or not, in only 3 seconds. Download now

Pocket Horoscope

Pocket Horoscope – The 100% free astrology application. Read your daily horoscope prepared by a certified astrology expert, Check complete astrological predictions for each day. They are written by the worlds best and most experienced astrologers.Texts are updated every day in real time, and you can consult them at any time without limitations! Helping you


#1.What is ‘LuckyRewads’ ? ——> Android app to make money online and get rewards. You can get giftcards easily.   #2.How it works? ——> * just sign up and choose the offerwall you want * take surveys and install apps, launch apps, watch videos etc. * everytime you reach 5000,9000,13000 points, you can get rewards.


Twilife. Find nightlife, food, services and other places nearby open after 6pm. If it’s open 24 hours or after 6pm, twilife is here to help. Working late? Bored? Hungry? Studying? Need a “night hangout” place? Traveling and need something or want to find a place for food or nightlife nearby? Need a nearby food spot

My Special Diary

This app helps you to fill your diary by asking you questions about your day and saving the photo the day, It has a daily notification to remind you to add to your diary. By installing this app you will also start tracking your mood and the percentage of how happy or sad you are

Mother’s Day Quotes

As Mother’s Day is around the corner & you must be planning to wish your mom HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY with best quotes and messages. If yes, then download Mother’s Day Quotes app today. In most countries like USA, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Philippines, South Africa & most European countries, Mother’s Day is

Simply Good Food TV & Recipes

Watch now and see why we won the award for Best Food & Drink TV Channel 2016, see Gordon Ramsay to Jamie Oliver and the best chefs and cooking programs updated weekly from all over the world to watch when you want for FREE. With the what’s cooking, whats baking and how to sections there

اقتباسات اليوم

يوم جديد واشراقه جديدة ومحتوى مفيد تجده في تطبيق اقتباسات اليوم ● عرض الاقتباسات بشكل جميل ● امكانية عرض الاقتباسات السابقة ● واجهة للأعضاء لمشاركة الاقتباسات ● مشاركة الاقتباسات كصورة عبر تويتر ● إضافة الاقتباسات إلى قائمة المفضلة ● عرض التاريخ بالهجري والميلادي ● التنبيه عند بداية اليوم   Download our app on Android: