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Sleeping Garden:Sounds of nature for relaxation

Enjoy the sounds of nature and relax your body and mind. Does the daily grind leave you stressed out? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep after a tiring day? Are you a nature lover? If you answer yes to any of these questions then this app is specially designed for you! Download now

Start Running. Coach for beginners

Get started running? What could be easier! Don’t worry about the distance, pace or speed. You‘ll think of them later. Listen to the instructions and run the way that is the most comfortable for you. Don’t focus on how good your running technique is. Getting out the door and starting to run is what’s most


Busy hard working people don’t have the time for a gym or can afford a trainer. BFIT108 takes anyone from their couch to incredible shape in just 8 weeks. This FREE app is easy for anyone to use and adjusts to anyone’s limitations. The results in 4 weeks will amaze you. Follow the recipes and

Heart Rate Monitor & Tracker

Check your heart rate anytime, anywhere with Heart Rate Plus – at your home or your office – when you wake up, relax, before and after exercise, or before a big meeting. Bet you never thought your phone or tablet could do that? The Heart Rate Plus app will measure your heartbeat with great accuracy,

90 Day Diet Free – Lose Weight

Say goodbye to your weight problems and lose weight effectively through a tested diet. This application is based on the 90 Day Diet and will organize the way you eat so you can achieve your long term weight goals. The main idea of the diet is the selective/separate eating, which means not mixing different kind

Zeez Fitness

Fitness, Nutrition & Personal training with Azeez Salu 2 X UKBFF British Junior Bodybuilding Champion. Improve your health, fitness, muscle mass & diet with Azeez’s plans and tips. Book PT with Azeez , post body transformations and follow his training & diet plans. Athletes & Competitors can buy peak week protocols, posing practice and customized

Brain Training

Train your brain for FREE with brain training! The objective of is memorizing number sequence. If you are looking for number game and brain training, you’ve come to the right place. Part of intelligence is ability to recall things correctly and quickly, such as visual #memory and number order. You can improve your cognitive ability


Workout Fitness is a android application. This application help to those who want to improve fitness of body. All the exercises are give you step by step instruction to how to do all type of fitness exercises and make steal body. Because physical exercise is important for maintaining physical fitness and can contribute to maintaining

Better weight lifting timer

Keep track of your weight lifting counts and exercise according to your counts. The app “Weight Lifting tracker” keeps the track of your exercise and counts in your weight lifts. Just feed in the number of sets and the counts of each set to the app. The app will then count the reps for you


Clinicopedia is a social community and messenger app that enables people to become members of patient support groups for 1500 common clinical conditions..The users can search other members in the group into which they are enrolled and send friend request to connect .All connected members can text chat, share images, Videos with each other. Clinicopedia