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Learn Arabic : The app teaches you Arabic in a unique way based on phonetic. It has everything you need : read, write, exercices, quran, learn clock in arabic. It’s the best way to learn arabic and it’s free arabic learning app it’s as for beginners as for advanced users Arabic language, alphabet, arabic texts,

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

Copyleaks is a cloud based plagiarism checker that lets you track, monitor, and detect online content throughout the internet. Students, teachers, bloggers, and other content-creators can ensure their content is original using the most sophisticated content detection algorithms. Be sure that your academic content is original by easily scanning essays, term papers, or theses for

Game Audio 101

Game Audio is the term for music, sound and dialogue in a video game. Browse the job board and start a career in interactive audio. The official app for the Game Audio 101 website Download Game Audio 101 for Free:  

Geoflow | Learn Something

Geoflow uses your phone’s location to find nearby Wikipedia articles. Use it to explore cities (or other locales) and learn something new wherever you are. Useful for dads on vacation. Download now for iOS and Android.       Download Geoflow on Android:     Download Geoflow on iOS:     Visit Geoflow website


Speacher is your mobile teacher! You can define your questions and Speacher will see if you can answer them. With the help of the best speech recognition technology available, Speacher validates your answer precisely. Share your questions with friends and colleagues to split the work and learn effectively. Speacher also gives teachers the possibility to

Test Killer

The idea of this app is to help you study and memorize to tests in school/university or everywhere else in life. Just click on the ‘+’ button to create a new cards with questions and answers. choose your title and save. Now just click on the pack and double tap on the card to see


The mission of Help4Men, Inc. is to continuously build up the men/women within our global communities by providing them with the necessary resources to help them get past their hurts in order for them to be able to propel into their divine purpose. Although the world may be big, I am a strong believer that


SugarCoded. Learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop programming. SugarCoded TM is a game-like, self-directed tutorial starring SmartGurlz characters: Jen and Maria who encourage you to beat missions, win points and share your results. The best part about SugarCoded is that you can code your Siggy to drive/dance on the floor,

Baby World High Contrast Cards

Support your newborn’s development from their birth and discover fascinating things about your baby. A must-have application for all babies up to 12 months of age! Read more to learn about a free special bonus included in the app! Did you know that during the first months of their life newborn only see high contrasts

Linear Equation Solver

The linear equation solver lets you solve up to 12 unknowns with the so called Gaussian elimination. It also displays useful calculation steps.       Download Linear Equation Solver on Android for Free: