Shapes Escape – Match & Catch

Shapes escape is a classic arcade game, one that relies on your speed and reflex to get higher score. Train your hand and eye coordination with this free game and have fun playing this game for hours, you will not feel bored even if you play it for many hours. When you are waiting in line, when you are on a break, or when you are riding a bus or train, play this fun and addictive free shapes game to avoid getting bored with nothing to do. Your reflex needs training too!shapes escape

Why you need to download and install Escape shapes on your smartphone instead of other free shape games?
✓ We made some Cool and smooth high quality shapes and awesome colors to give you the best experience while playing the greatest shapes and colors game ever! You will enjoy this endless game!
✓ Our shapes game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees, no special members and no annual subscription to enjoy the best match & catch game ever!
✓ Fantastic theme graphics and immersive sound effects. We take design seriously and we want our users to enjoy this game immensely.
✓ Our game is endless. Yes, Endless! You will enjoy playing this free addictive falling shapes game and test if you will be really able to score the highest possible score.
✓ Since the shapes and colors are generated randomly, on occasion, it’s not possible to score highest score in the first try. But, Don’t Give Up.

Download Shapes Escape for Free:


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