Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter is one of the best ghost hunt real time gamesapp2

Ghost Hunter is an reality FPS. You mission is to seek, find and kill the ghosts living around you.

You can play this game everywhere – just start to play and you will see ghosts appearing in your screen – so start killing them or you will lose

* Six brand new missions based on a little story
* A rank system for each mission (with 5 different ranks: deserter, solider, corporal, sergeant & admiral)
some internal changes and improvements – Achievements
* Display an error message when no sensors are retrieved
* 7 Different Leaderboards – so you can make competition with your friends or familyapp3
* A drop system with 3 loots : Old Coin, Broken Helmet Horn and Baby Drool
* A craft system with 2 items : Steel Bullet and Gold Bullet
* The inventory section of the game is now fully implemented: Profile > Inventory You can manage all your items!
* You can change the sensor delay! > Sensor Delay button
* You can now use some bonuses – that you crafted – to be a stronger hunter
* 3 new achievements (Novice, Trained and Expert Looter) they should be very easy with the current drop rates.

Ghost hunter is well supported on various phones and tablets

We hope you will enjoy hunting ghosts near you with your friends or family

Download Ghost Hunter for Free:




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