Birds that flop about

unnamedDownload Birds that flop about for FREE and play the most addictive mobile game ever created! Birds that flop about is the remake of the classic flapping bird game. Your objective is to guide the little birdie between the pillars to earn scores. This is a endless flying game which means you can play as long as you don’t die.
There are lots of successful arcade games on the Playstore. However, very few arcade games can boast the success of the endless flying game that has taken the whole world by the storm. We bring you back your favorite flapping bird game with Birds that flop about! Although we use very high quality cartoonish graphic and character. This hopping bird is not just a kids game. Even the most skilled gamers will find it hard guiding the little flappy to pass between the deadly pillars. How far can you go in this brain challenging game and help our birdie hopping home?

========= Birds that flop about TOP Features: =========

*Addictive gameplay that will keep you playing for hours non stop!
*Simple rule: tap to flop the hopping bird between the pillars. Our little flappy will die if it drops from the sky or hit any part of the pillars.
*Play as long as you want for FREE.birds
*New background design. Stop being bored with old design. Enjoy this new graphic and keep playing this kids game for fun!
*New Powerups to help you through this brain challenging game.
*New Pillars instead of steel pipes.
*Newly designed birds to entice you to keep playing this flapping bird game.
*Practice makes perfect! You need to play several times to get the mechanic right and have the little hopping bird moves as you want.

Parents, install this fun kids game on your device and let your kids entertain themselves for hours. Don’t worry. There is absolutely no questionable content in our app for kids of any age. As long as they understand the rule and the gameplay, they can play this addictive flying game. We do advise that parents keep monitoring their kids’ activity.
If you are a fan of arcade games, you shouldn’t miss our latest FREE bird hopping game. This cute hopping bird needs your help now! Try your tapping skill with our latest addictive flapping bird game and see how much fun you’ll get.

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