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KeepSafe is a private picture locker that keeps all of your personal photos and videos hidden and protected behind multiple layers of security.

It’s easy to hide pictures! Simply look through your photo albums and choose the pictures and videos that you want protected. Once you upload them to the KeepSafe photo locker, you can delete them from your regular photo gallery and still view them in KeepSafe. KeepSafe gives you full control of what pictures and videos people can view if they ever get their hands on your phone.unnamed

KeepSafe private picture locker features:
• Clean and simple design
• Easy-to-use PIN pad picture vault access
• Upload photos and videos from your regular photo albums to the ultra secure KeepSafe picture vault.
• “Unhide” any photos and videos in KeepSafe to have them re-appear in your regular photo gallery
• The KeepSafe picture vault doesn’t show up on your recently used apps list
• Support for both phone and tablet

In your KeepSafe private picture locker you also can customize how your photo albums are organized.

View pictures and photo albums in the KeepSafe photo locker and:
• Create/name multiple photo albums within the private picture locker
• View photos and videos full-screen
• Use slideshow view
• Rotate/zoom photos


Download Hide pictures – KeepSafe for Free:





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