Zenly Locator – Realtime GPS

Zenly Locator – Realtime GPS is an Ultra simple set-up, realtime mode, battery friendly, and designed with love.Zenly_Locator_Realtime_GPS_
Live positions on a map
Battery level of your friends of your friends
See them move in realtime
One tap to temporarily share your location
Simple privacy controls
Baked with passion, Zenly is the fruit of 3 years of experience in location tracking from an expert locator building engineering team.

Zenly is real time, precise, free, battery efficient and hides many other things under the hood.
For exampe if you hit the slopes you’ll be able to see your friends cruising on them in the app.
Go activate them from the app’s settings.

We are not done yet. You can now invite your non-Android friends. You know… I’m sure you have some.
Users be spoiled.

The service is also used to locate lost or stolen phones just like Find my phone. Make sure to add a friend first, to be able to find it the day it’s gone.
In the same way, it is a great family locator app. You can see everyone on a family map.

It’s very easy to stop sharing your location when you want to and go incognito.


Dowload Zenly Locator – Realtime GPS for Free:




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