tweecha for Twitter

tweecha has been awarded #1 in Twitter app ranking.
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Tweecha is a very useful Twitter client for Android. It allows easy access to show conversations, images, and replies to your friends while displaying the original message. You can also reply to multiple tweets.app1

Tweecha Theme:

– Manage multiple accounts
– User timeline over streaming
– Inline thumbnail
– Color label for user
– Mute user, app and text
– Conversation view on tweet detail screen
– Menu to access each timelines and each list.
– Pull to refresh
– Save Image
– Show read status (orange line)
– Mark as read, or unread
– Move to unread position
– Show user information when clicking user profile image
– Easy access: change lists with Swiping, pushing button, and from menu.
– Manage multiple accounts- Showing full size image on display
– Notification of mentions and direct messagesapp2
– Translation function (long press on tweet, work with Google translation app)
– Rich friends information with tweets, favorites, follows, followers, and so on.
– Twitter Lists: push lists button to access lists
– Profile View shows tweet, follows, followers, favorites, listed counts
– Push counts buttons on profile view to access timelines.
– Following list, Followers list.
– Tweet ways: Tweet, replay, retweet, qt, favorites.
– Sharing: share tweet, share text, and share URL
– Favorites star appears on timeline
– Direct message support
– Search user, search tweet.
– Moving: move to first, move to last, move to unread
– Multi-language support: English and Japanese
– Switch to show name or not
– Size customize: icon, name, screen name, text, additions
– Color Theme: Dark and Light
– Notification settings
– Easy twitter authentication
– Version information: check settingsapp3
– Confirmation settings
– Confirm tweet, retweet, favorite, follow, unfollow
– Tweet shows with line break
– Color label settings
– Delete tweet
– Start app from twitter search, profile, status url
– Start app from tweet button on web browser
– Change color label width
– Default color label visible setting
– Move on refresh setting
– Jump to Top from menu
– Send @tweet from profile page
– Position setting on refresh
– Refresh button
– Show support account
– Fast scroll support
– “Show refresh button” setting
– Restore scroll position
– Install to SD card
– Save tweet as draft and as template
– Shows reply tweet in tweet screen
– Save search keywords
– Save posted hashtags
– Change background color to replies to your tweets
– Change background color of your tweets
– Auto update on startup
– Enable mute settings
– Select mute targets
– Block user
– Report user for spam
– Post to TwitLonger
– Reply to multiple tweets
– Show thumbnail images on timeline

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