Finally appeared! Sequel of crowns the top ranking [TAROT]aa
How authentic tarot divination that covers the Minor Arcana is, it is easy to get started is app.

This app, tarot card alone “weight version” “Marseille version” has been recorded are three types of “tote version”,
Card Type of placement (spread) is a whopping 15 different! !

Since it is possible to select the appropriate spread from worries that are having,
Tarot novice can also get easily really answer you want to know.
(※ 2015.January version up)
While it is possible to know a great meaning in 22 different Major Arcana,
In order to think about the deeper concern is not essential Minor Arcana.

TAROT2 might become your strong ally facing the trouble.
Tarot A, it is possible to reading the meaning card is inherent,
It is what you Uranaeru against a variety of situations.b

Is not only meant that picture itself card has,
It is also important that the arrangement of the card means,
I have a great causal relationship in order to configure the fortune-telling.

As you can be divined easily even in tarot beginner,
Interprets an easy-to-understand inspiration to receive from the card,
We are pleased to introduce as one of the answers.

At all beginners, it is the first time able tarot card divination.


★ beautiful graphics will light your future.

★ In addition to the Major Arcana 22 types, it is possible to predict from a total of 78 types, including the bbMinor Arcana 56 types!

★ it is possible to predict the actual tarot same procedure!

★ weight version, Marseille version, it is possible to predict the three picture tote version!

★ Other no 15 kinds of spread number!

Full-fledged tarot card divination ★ is, transcendence reproduced in beautiful 3D graphics animation!

★ in those who do not know the tarot also easily Uranaeru!

★ it is possible to predict in various scenes, and support your any troubles!

★ music mind is healed

Download Tarot2 for Free:


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