Zen Meditation Power Sleep

Reach Zen states in minutes.
Created by a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mystic, Theologian and Audio Engineer, this is by far the BEST abinaural beat brain entrainment system available on the market today. I am so confident it’s the best ever that I’m giving you a 100% money back Guarantee!
And its not hundreds of dollars like some of the leading programs, its cheap as chips! Why? If it was too expensive you would just torrent it! (Paid version soon with extras)

These digitally engineered recordings also uses a complex protocol which alternates stimulation between the left and right ears, and uses several beat ranges, isochronic tones, frequencies and Multiple binaural beat tracks to reach the target brainwave frequency. These techniques are useful for hyperactive / busy people who have problems entering meditative and trance states or relaxing / sleeping on their own. Zen Monk and Yogi on Speed Dial! Down the track we are working on Astral Travel and a lot more.
They are not Simple Binauarl tones like the rest! These track have multiple layers, including not only 2 or 3 Binnaurals, but also, isochronic tones, and different Key ranges for healing and the deepest most accurate mind states, that normally require an empty mind and strong as steel focus.
What it is not..bb
a generic meditation CD
Basic Binural beats and nature sounds.

• Create happiness in your life, when your mind experiences all its natural states you become happier…
• Become more creative, by experiencing mind states of artists and composers, better mental functioning…
• Help removal of emotional roadblocks to health…
• Feel more at peace…
• Improve memory, and recall…
• Clear thinking assists in being successful
• Handle stress and relax deeper…
• Fix broken sleep patterns…
Deep Zen Meditation

How Does This Technology Work?

This recent technology is based on sound frequencies and their effect on the auditory system of your brain. Just like a tuning fork, your brain “resonates” at the same frequency. The result is a dominant brain wave pattern at the desired frequency.

Think of your brain waves ‘tuning in’ to mind states of creative people, powerful mediators, gurus, psychics

Its what researches call brain wave entrainment (training your brain waves to tune into a specific frequency). Some believe its instant meditation. Now you don’t need to practice 30 years, or move to Tibet, to experience amazing mind states. – now you can do it by simply listening.

Download Zen Meditation Power Sleep for Free:


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