Manage Credit Card Instantly

Here’s the thing about credit cards: They are easy to get, easy to use and some give you cash back or discounts on bstuff. And they’re almost free, so long as you pay of the balance on time.
And that payoff part can be a problem. Each card comes with a different due dates, grace periods, credit limits and interest rates and the more cards you have, the the harder it is to keep track of all those details.

It’s a job for a credit card manager. This credit card manager was developed by someone who had a dozen credit cards and couldn’t find an easy way to stay in control of all of them. The app works offline, so you’ll have to manually enter and update transactions if you want to see how much you’ve charged and which card you used for gas and which one for groceries.

Perhaps more important are the card cutoff dates. The app issues a reminder when a payment date is near so the cardholder can avoid getting dinged with an interest charge or penalty. It also tracks grace periods and stores the hotline number that you would call if a card is lost or

This credit card manager is currently under initial launch promotional price and up for grabs. Take control of your credit cards start from today!

Download this Credit Card Manager from Google Play!




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