Wakie: Talk to Strangers, Chat

Wakie is the app where you can ask questions to strangers, set up alarm and receive alerts or wake up calls, learn and practice English and Spanish, meet new people.
✭ ? Millions of friends knowing billions of topics and ready to call you now ✭
✭ ? 2 million users around the world ✭ Talkie
✭ ? 40 million calls made ✭

Do you need to discuss something but aren’t sure whom to turn to for answers? Perhaps you would feel more comfortable discussing it with a helpful, friendly stranger? May be you’re feeling blue and want to be cheered up? Perhaps you are frustrated with your love life and want to ask someone for advice? Sometimes you just need a wake up call and you need to set an alarm ?.

Wakie is the fastest way to find a random chat partner for any topic. Just reach out to the community with your question. In few seconds, you’ll receive an anonymous call from one of our community members ?. When you need a wake up call, simply set an alarm and receive the alert right when you need it. Wakie is a fun, friendly community of people who call each other and help with everything from advice to learn and practice English, Spanish, Japanese and other foreign languages to waking up in the morning AND MORE ?.

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