Follow Your Favourite Shop on uTradia
It is now easier than ever to find the perfect shopping experience, discounts and events in Ghana with uTradia. Never miss a good deal, offer and Event and get to follow all your favorite shops on uTradia to enhance your shopping uTradiaexperience. Download the app for free.

How uTradia works
Download the App: Download uTradia for free from app store.
Open the App: Lunch the app to see uTradia’s amazing sliding front page.
Sign up: You can sign up using your Facebook account.
Use the App: Search for any product using the search bar or go to your favourite shops and browse their products. Or browse the events and follow your favourite event. You can get direction to any shop or events venue in Ghana; and can contact shops via phone call and email; and visit their web shops all on uTradia.
App Features
• Push notification
• GPS Sensor (Get Directions)
• Contact Shops
• Search Bar to filter products
• Facebook LoginuTradia_
App Menus
Catalogue: Catalogue is list of products of shops with their prices and product information. This is published by shops in classes of their product line for sale.
Offers: Offer is product offer for sale at a discounted price. Offer may be a shop clearance, reduction in price of a product, or dash of products, or an introduction of a new product into the market. The purpose of this menu is to incentivize your dealings to increase more attention to your shop.
Deals: Deals are any activities undertaken by the service industries to enhance customer experience.
Events: Events are happenings that take place at a particular place, at a particular time of an ideal importance. Make your lives happening by browsing and finding weekend events of your interest. Add Events to Calendar and make a perfect event guide with uTradia.

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